home•lab [hom-læb](n) : a laboratory of (usually slightly outdated) awesome in the domicile (Source)

IT professionals, amateurs, and people who just really like computers use homelabs to experiment in. It’s a sandbox environment where if you break it, you fix it, and more importantly it isn’t costing money while it’s down… They’re fun. They’re expensive. They’re a hobby. Ultimately, for most people, a homelab is a plaything that occasionally gets out of hand.                –MonsterMuffin (1, 2)

I’m a 22-year-old college student from midwestern United States currently working my way through a bachelor’s degree in Networking Management and Design. In my free time I like to tinker with my homelab, watch TV, and play Overwatch. This blog is an outlet for the thoughts, experiences, and outcomes of my homelab.